Ortega Jack Chicken

2 to 4 people

What You’ll Need:   Chicken cutlets because they are thin or you can pound out
chicken breast, but that is messy.

1 can of whole green chilies
1 small block of jack cheese
¼ to ½ cup of melted butter
Baking dish

Instructions:            Pre-heat oven to 350°.

Lay the cutlets out flat in the baking  dish. Put on slice of chili on top of chicken (they are both shaped triangular so put them together like that). Cut a 1 inch  chunk from the cheese block and place it in the center of the  chili. Fold chicken and place folded side down. Melt butter  and pour over chicken.

Place in oven for 30-35 minutes.

Make a salad or 1 cup of a cooked vegetable. You can eat this meal                                         the  next day in an omelet as well.

By Love is the Highest Power; It's in your hands to freely give

I am just an average woman who has been through my share of ups and downs. I found myself falling into a very deep depression and needed to do something drastic to pull myself out of it. I started by looking up quotes, mantras, blogs, and inspirational books. As soon as I started filling myself up with all this positive input I could see that my life was miraculously changing for the better. I began to take notes on all the steps I was taking. Others wanted to know how did I change. That is where my "Choose a Powerfully Positive Life" book began. Now I am speaking at seminars, doing comedy, and sharing and helping others find their true selves. I love me, my life, and all humans.

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