Deb’s Chunky Chili


Ingredients :

2 lbs. for ground turkey or beef

Chopped Onion

Chopped green and a red bell pepper

Chopped mushrooms

1 can of kidney beans

1 can of Black beans

1 extra large can of pinto beans

Tablespoon  of minced garlic

Optional: Cheddar cheese

21 Tbsp of Chili powder

Garlic salt, pepper

Cook all the veggies in a large pot with a little water. While that is cooking fry upon medium heat your ground meat. When the meat is browned drain if needed and follow directions for the taco seasoning.

Now that your vegetables are softening in the pot, add the ground seasoned meat, stir; then add all the canned beans. Stir and taste and season to your liking.  While this melds together , you can prepare your cornbread and bake it. Then everything will be completed and your ready to enjoy.





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