Introducing- My Guidebook to Self-Love



I wrote my guide book “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life” . I run a house cleaning business for over 30 years now. I fell into a depressed and worried mood that was affecting my two children. So I started changing my life with positive affirmations. Then came loving myself and  found even strangers were attracted to my new  found positive energy. After finding that love for myself, I wanted to become an author. Your life can change with my guide book. No matter what you are going through or have been through, your life can change. That is why I wrote this guidebook. I want to share with the world about happiness within and discovering who you really are and loving that person you are.

My personal life changing blogs are on this website and on my Facebook Page/Group- Love Equals Love. I didn’t feel I was reaching enough people, I had to make it simple and in one place for your hands, not just a web site with occasional blogs but a real hands on experience of  the foundations you need to begin loving your self.

I am a self-love life coach. Many have changed their lives and their perspective of themselves and world around them through this easy step by step book. You can too.

We all need love and the right kind of love for who you are begins with loving ourselves first. I know first hand this is true. You can comment on this post and contact me for coaching if needed.

Your friend always,


Deb Mertan

You can order my Book here


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