Love Equals Love- Volume 1

A collection of self-love blogs . My second book is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

As you read these blogs; you will change how you feel, think and react to life, love , others, and your self image. You will discover a peace within yourself that you thought was only meant for someone else. You will discover that your feelings and thoughts matter, you have a purpose and so do those people in your life , even if they are in your life for only that moment.

You can subscribe and read more of my life changing blogs at My first book is , “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life” a guidebook on the steps to take to really discover who you are and love yourself in the process. My second is “Love Equals Love, Volume I. A collection of self-love blogs that I have been inspired to write over many years .These books can be found on Amazon at :

By Love is the Highest Power; It's in your hands to freely give

I am just an average woman who has been through my share of ups and downs. I found myself falling into a very deep depression and needed to do something drastic to pull myself out of it. I started by looking up quotes, mantras, blogs, and inspirational books. As soon as I started filling myself up with all this positive input I could see that my life was miraculously changing for the better. I began to take notes on all the steps I was taking. Others wanted to know how did I change. That is where my "Choose a Powerfully Positive Life" book began. Now I am speaking at seminars, doing comedy, and sharing and helping others find their true selves. I love me, my life, and all humans.

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