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Limitations Are Just an Illusion

     How many of you believe that there is a limit on how much money you can make? Well, I’m going to guess that it’s a whole lot of you. It’s not unusual to think that you have to work for an hourly wage that barely covers all the necessities of life. It’s like we think […]

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Dear Government

I used to believe that to be part of the government you had to be smart, compassionate and honest. Boy was I wrong! What happened to the American dream? How are we supposed to get ahead when prices of everything keep going up? Like houses, cars, insurance, groceries, clothing, amusement parks and more, I mean […]

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You’re Trying too Hard

              (Many people’s lives have changed with my exciting step by step book, “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life” at Our new meet up at: ) As many of you might know I have been making it a habit of staying calm, and letting life unfold for me. What […]