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So, if you have been following my blogs you know about the law of attraction. So you also know that you get what you think about whether it’s good or bad. What you focus on, even if it’s for a short period of time, will become your experience. The law is always fair and consistent. It’s like when you’re dating a certain type of person and for some reason it doesn’t work out, so you move on to the next person only to find the same person in a different body. And until you decide it’s time to clean up your vibration, meaning your point of expectation, you will continue to attract that same person over and over again. When you realize this it is time to re-train your brain. It’s not as hard as you might think. It just takes a little practice and some patience.

So let’s say that you just broke up with your lover and you are feeling lost and alone. But that is because you are using that person as your source of happiness, and that’s why you feel out of sorts and a little un-balanced. Now let’s look at it another way. That person wasn’t the right one for you. They were just another piece of the puzzle, letting you know what you don’t want, therefore helping you figure out what you do want. And when you do look at the situation in this way you can actually feel the happiness grow inside you a little bit each day, until you realize that the happiness you were seeking was right there all along. This is you loving yourself more fully. And the more you do that the better you’ll feel. When you are selfish enough to care about how you feel and you practice that often you will never go back to feeling down, at least not without knowing what to do about it. That’s when it’s time to look for a new mate. But no matter what,if you date one person or a thousand people you are exploring and figuring out what is best for you. Isn’t that nice to know. And each time you part ways with a potential mate you will understand that it is just part of the process and there is nothing wrong. In fact, it couldn’t be more right. Keeping yourself on an emotional high is the only way to live. This could seem a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it you can create anything you want in your life. I like to think of it as my own little world. Each person is in their own little world. None of us thinks exactly alike. We all have our own ideas and our own feelings about what is right and what is wrong for ourselves. No one else can insert their feelings into another person. Oh, they can influence another to manipulate them to do something, but eventually that will upset the relationship, and it will dissolve or fall apart. If you remember to live and let live and stop judging and condemning, and stop making anyone responsible for your happiness, life will be so much fun. It is so important to know this, because life can be whatever you want it to be as long as you take responsibility for your own joy. And let other people be responsible for theirs. The universe is very tricky in that it can help every one of us have what we want without taking anything away from anyone else. It has a way of blending us all together in perfect harmony when we are in a happy state of mind.

I know that if you are new to this concept that it could be a little un-settling to think of being your own boss. But I promise you it will be very rewarding once you get into the rhythm of happiness, and you let it run to you and through you. It’s like a stream that flows swiftly and you put your boat in the water and relax, the flow will carry you along with ease and you won’t even need paddles. But if you were to turn the boat up-stream and start paddling it would be a very difficult struggle. You can tell which way you are going by the way you feel. If you feel good about what you are thinking, doing, or who you’re with, then; you are definitely going with the flow. So, keep that in mind next time something upsets you. Pay attention to all your feelings and gravitate toward the good ones and steer clear of the not so good ones. Just learn from them and move forward. That is how you re-train your brain.

Here’s another example; Let’s say you are working a job that you hate. Yes, it pays the bills but it is not very rewarding. Every day you wake up with a grouchy attitude because you know you’re going to have another crappy day. Things will never get better for you when you wake up expecting to have a bad day. So how do you change that? You start by focusing on something you can feel good about, even if it is not related to work, it will help to focus on that. You could try by telling yourself before you slumber at night that you will release all resistance about work, and when you wake up in the morning try thinking about how you want the day to go. You may only make it to breakfast before you think of something un-wanted, but that’s okay, it takes practice. Just laugh it off and try again the next day. It will get better. As you keep doing this you will notice a change in the way you feel at work. And when you do feel better at work you might find that there are aspects of your job that you actually like, or you may find an opportunity to get a new job that you really love. But you must find your inner happiness first or you will just keep finding the same situation, just different faces and different places. It’s like the guy that keeps doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Or think of it like this, Or you could say that if you don’t change the vibration of your thought patterns you will just be taking yourself with you, and you’ll end up in a loop of anguish.

You know it doesn’t have to take too long to change to a different mindset. It’s all up to you. The more you practice the faster it will change, and eventually it will become the norm for you to look for and find things that bring you joy.

And here’s the last thing I’d like to mention. Whenever you want to start a project and you don’t know how it’s going to come or who will bring it or where the money will come from, don’t worry. Worry is not necessary. It only slows things down. Let the ideas come to you and relax your mind through meditation, or petting your cat, or taking a walk in nature. And when the inspiration hits you to make the next move, then; take action. The money will find its way to you. Keep thinking about why you want what you want, how it will make you feel and what about it will be fun. I promise you that when you approach anything in this manner all the components will be attracted to you. Just pay attention to how you feel and if you start to get a little overwhelmed take some deep breaths and remember to remember to go within, find a happy thought and bring yourself back to center. Think of it like this, the universe knows what you want and knows how to bring it to you. That’s how the universe works. It may take you down some windy roads but when you look back you’ll see that everything that happened was necessary to bring you to where you are now. Remember that you are the boss of you and you truly deserve all the happiness in the world. You don’t need to wait until you’re old to start traveling and getting all the goodies you have ever wanted. You just need to re-train your brain to know and believe that you can be, do or have anything you want. Think big and know that you are a very worthy being. Whether it’s a lover, a job, or an invention, or anything else you desire, you can have it. All you have to do is figure out what you want and then let yourself have it. You know it’s as easy to create a button as it to create a castle. Life is good when you let it be, or should I say if you expect it to be. Remember to be your own boss and feel your way to bliss.

So are you feeling good yet? I think you are, or at the very least you’re feeling better. Be kind to yourself and everyone else too. And remember there is great love here for you.

Your friend forever,

Deb Mertan

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I have mentioned the word momentum in some of my blogs, but I really want to impress upon you how important momentum is. Have you ever had a great idea that just gave you goose bumps all over your entire body, only to lose the feeling after putting doubt on your path? Well the reason for this is that you are used to thinking that good things don’t happen to people like you. You probably got a pretty good negative momentum going and it’s very strong. Maybe you picked up the idea that things are not supposed to work out for you from a parent or a teacher, and it’s been stuck in your mind all this time, or is it? What I mean by that is, that we all have the power to change our old beliefs or habits. You know that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, don’t you? And it only becomes a truth if you let it. So how do you change the direction of momentum? You start one step at a time. Even a thousand mile journey starts with the first step. It is possible, but it takes a willingness to think another thought until it becomes your new belief, therefore your new truth.

Now that I understand how the law of attraction works I can see why people are where they are in their lives. I can tell by the way they talk and by the results they achieve. This applies to good lives and bad lives. When someone is a complainer and acts like a victim they just keep attracting more of the same. It’s just same results with different faces. If you haven’t changed what’s on the inside what happens on the outside can never really change, it’s the law! It always knows what you are thinking and more importantly, what you are feeling. It’s like when you are yelling at someone in an angry tone but saying, “Don’t you know I love you?” There is a mixed message there because the feeling doesn’t match the words.

So how do you get your momentum going in a positive direction? You pay attention. What I mean by this is you see how it feels when you say it or do it, whatever it is. If it feels good then you are on the positive trail, but if it feels bad you need to re-direct your thoughts or words to match the good feeling. For example, if you are hating on someone, you are feeling bad as well. So in order to feel better about that person you either need to ignore them or try to find something about them that you like. It may take a few tries but that’s okay too. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? The more you practice finding good in other people the more good people you will find.

And another thing, you get what you expect to get. It’s like when something bad happens and you say, “I knew that would happen.” Well it happened because you expected it to. So why not start expecting good things to happen? It works both ways.

But sometimes momentum can be so intense that you just can’t stop it. Unless, of course, you come to the realization that you are the only one with the power to do something about it. And there are those people that never do get it, like Jim Morrison of the rock band “The Doors.” He had a destructive momentum going on. No matter how many people loved him and tried to help him he couldn’t stop the drinking and drugs. Oh, he would try to stop, and it would last for a little while, but he would always return to drugs and alcohol. At one point he even went to jail for 4 months because he supposedly exposed his penis on stage, which was never proven, and used profanity. Of course, he was clean when he got out, but that too was short lived. When someone keeps going back to the bad behavior it is because they have not taken the time to change their thinking pattern. They let what they see be their reality instead of creating their own reality. If they understood the law of attraction they would want to change the way they feel about everything.

Now I’ll tell you a story about positive momentum, mine. Although my life is pretty amazing right now it hasn’t always been. And even though I have always been a student of positivity.  I didn’t understand it the way I do now. It all started after my husband passed away. I felt like my life was falling apart and I couldn’t seem to make ends meet. It seemed like I was crying every day and nothing was making any sense. So I actually sat myself down and had a long talk about getting back on track. The first thing I did was look for things on the internet that would help lift my spirits. I found some processes that really seemed to work and as I continued to look for new ways of feeling good, things miraculously started changing for me. It has only been 6 shorts years since that horrible time and I now own my own home. Believe me this has been one hell of a journey. In a good way. I went from almost being evicted to owning my home, what a ride. I have finally learned what it takes to make my life my own creation, and that is to keep myself happy and not try to fix anything, because there is nothing wrong or broken. At first the momentum was slow going but as I continue to practice feeling good and being happy things are moving much faster now. I love the feeling of inspiration I get as I trust that things are always working out for me. I not only believe that, I know it. Once you get to the place of knowing it just keeps getting better and better. I know that I am worthy, and I know that I am good and I know that I can have, do or be anything I choose. I know now that every time negative thoughts come to me all I need to do is stop the thought and find something else to focus on. Stop the doubt before it starts, so to speak. I pay attention to how I feel about everything. Have you ever heard the expression, “What would Jesus do?” Well here’s a new way of saying that, “What would un-conditional love do?” When you start loving everything and everyone you will understand what I know to be true. When you let go of anger and judgement you release stress and hatred. When we are children we accept all others as equals. That is until we are taught to be hateful and judgmental. We all need to get back to that carefree time and stop worrying about what someone else is doing or not doing, and focus on what makes us happy. If we all did that we would all be living blissful lives. You think I’m kidding? I’m not, and you can bet on that. Words do not teach, but life experience does. All I’m saying is start really paying attention to how you feel about everything in your life. If you are going to a job every day that you hate you can’t be feeling good. Or if you are in a relationship that is full of struggle that can’t feel good either. So you have some choices to make in order to get back on the positive path. You can either, find something about that situation that pleases you, and focus on that, or you can start looking for what you really want and work toward that. Either way you will be moving in a direction that you can figure it out along the way. You’ll know what feels good or not. This is the journey and that is the best part of all. If you look for the fun stuff and keep yourself in a good frame of mind you can’t lose.

Now let’s talk about un-conditional love a little more. You need to love yourself with that same mindset. It is important to be very kind to yourself and not beat yourself up over dumb things. Especially when you first start changing your beliefs. Whenever you have a relapse moment just laugh it off and eventually you will change the way you think and speak. It’s a process, but one worth doing. And if you ever have any self-image concerns don’t focus there. I’m sure there is something about yourself that you at least like, if not love. When you start focusing on the things you like the other things just start getting better too. You will be inspired to do something, like cut your hair in a stylish fashion. Or to buy some different clothes that feel friskier. These are just suggestions but I think you get the gist. If you allow it, your body will be whatever you want it to be. Again, it’s the law. Remember, it’s all an inside job. Your feelings are your navigational system and you should really listen to them if you want to live an awesomely happy life. And get that momentum going in a positive direction by feeling your way to joy. That’s really all there is to this. It’s not hard, but it is time consuming. In fact, it is a whole new way of life. But once it becomes natural to you you’ll know and you’ll never go back the other way again.

So go on now and make yourself happy. It’s the least you can do for the good of mankind. Live and let live and life will flourish right before your eyes. And always remember, there is great love here for you.

Your Friend,

Deb Mertan

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That Sneaky Doubt



I know that it is easier said than done when someone is constantly telling you to think positive. What about all the negative things that go on every day in our lives? We grow up watching our parents worry over money or some other out of control situation, but really it’s normal for things to be this way. This is where positive thinking comes in. It is our reactions to these situations that makes the difference. Think about it, what good does it do to worry or stress out about anything. In fact you are actually doing more harm than good when you react in this manner. Maybe some parents handled things with an attitude of fear and hopelessness which in turn would rub off on the children. But the ones that handled it with, “Oh, this is just another challenge to deal with”, attitude, taught the children that any situation can have a silver lining. Unfortunately more parents were doom and gloom type folks so it is hard for a lot of people to see the forest for the trees.

I happened to come from a doom and gloom family. My father was a big time gambler and my mother was struck with a debilitating disease and died when I was in my early twenties. There are 5 siblings so the fighting was never ending and I couldn’t wait to move out on my own to finally get some peace and quiet. When I finally did move out it gave me the calmness I needed to work on myself and find my true path in this life. I read books, learned to meditate and even joined a gym to get myself balanced in all directions. Things seemed to be going well for me in all aspects of life except in the love arena. It seemed that I was always finding guys that didn’t want to fully commit to me. I felt it was because I was ahead of my time and I just needed to find someone that could understand me. I actually did get married in my early thirties, but only because I wanted children and I happened to find someone that wanted children too. I had been running my own business for about ten years at that time, and was quite successful at it so I knew that even if it didn’t work out with this guy I could take care of myself and a child, so I went for it. We married and settled into a dull routine, and I stayed for twenty years. But one day I woke up and said, “I can’t do this anymore”. By now I was in my early fifties and I didn’t want to waste any more of what was left of my youth. I still felt young and energetic and I wanted to explore life to the fullest, so I left my husband. This was at a time when the recession hit hard and I was barely making any money. I ended up in a one bathroom, three bedroom house with eight other people besides me. This was a challenge but somehow we made it work. I had two teenage children now and things got so tight that I was feeling very low and out of sorts. We were there for a year and a half before I got a call that my husband had died. It was quite a shock, but it was also a blessing in disguise. Because we were still married I got his pension and Social Security. This gave me enough money for my two kids and me to move out on our own. We were all very happy about that because it was a chance for a fresh start. We found a four bedroom house which gave me an extra room to rent out to a boarder, which in turn gave me a little more money to keep my house hold going for quite some time.

The recession was still in effect but we were doing alright for a while. Then part of the Social Security ran out and they were only giving me money for my son. I was still struggling with my business and I felt my faith fading. Not only that but my tenant moved out suddenly and that left another hole in my income. Needless to say my doom and gloom was taking over and I felt hopeless. Then when my son turned eighteen and they stopped his Social Security, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I was sinking into a deep depression and I didn’t know what I was going to do.

That wasn’t the worst part, now I was being evicted from the house after two years and I didn’t know if anyone else would rent to me with that on my record. I decided to do something drastic. If I was going to turn this mess around I had to feel myself with hope and faith. I began by looking up ways to lift my spirits no matter what was going on around me. I read mantras, quotes and stories of people that had been down and lifted their selves back up. I learned little tricks, like making a list of ten things I loved about myself and reading it every day before I left the house. I would smile at myself in the mirror and say, “I love you” to my reflection. Almost instantly I found myself in a better frame of mind, it took a couple of days to really get the ball rolling, but it was rolling. At first I started noticing little things changing. Like people being extra nice to me and most of them were strangers. Then my landlord called and said he knew I was having trouble with money so he wanted to give me a month’s free rent. I was astounded. Unfortunately I was so far behind in everything that the free rent was just a minor fix, but it was the beginning of my new understanding of positive thinking. As long as I kept this up things could only get better. I made it a rule in my home that there would be no more doom and gloom and we were to all help support each other whenever one of us felt that way.

Well I fell behind in the rent again and the landlord was forced to try the eviction once again. But this time I wasn’t scared and I calmly sat down to think about my options. My daughter was old enough now that she could get us a place to live in her name if it came down to it, and that’s when the miracles really started to happen. All of a sudden my phone rang and it was a friend of mine that owned a rental property. She said that her tenants just gave notice that they were moving and she wanted to know if I wanted to rent her place. Well of course I said yes. By the time my court date came I was ready with a plan of action to get everything in order to go the way I wanted it to, and it did. I did not waver in my quest to get things on the right track and lo and behold everything went according to plan.

Well it has been a couple of years now since all that went down and I have to say that life just keeps getting better and better. Oh sure I have to keep reminding myself to think positive, especially when something goes awry and I start feeling that sneaky doubt try to works its way into my mind, and it will try. That is where remembering to remember that I am in control of me, not the world around me, I am in my own world, just like everyone else is in their own world. I choose to be happy and to believe that anything is possible. I have seen it with my own two eyes and I will never waver ever again no matter how events unfold in my life. In fact I have given my past life new meaning so that I can see the positive that came out of it, like if this didn’t happen then that couldn’t have happened. And the future is unknown so I can make it anything I want it to be. I let my life unfold a little at a time so that I don’t get over anxious and worried. It does no good to feel these ugly feelings when you could just choose to feel good all the time.

So when you choose to be happy and that sneaky doubt comes knocking on your door, just say, “No thank you!” and move on to the next happy thought. Just so you know I have written a whole workbook on how to get to this place in your life, it’s called, “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life”. You can find me on the Amazon Kindle. I hope this story has given you hope that life can be exactly what you want it to be, because it can!  So, until next time…

With all my Love, Deb Mertan

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So everyone has ideas of what they want and why they want it. And it is my belief that we can all accomplish what most might call the impossible. And it is also my belief that it is as easy to create a button as it is to create a castle. I know that it may seem strange to a person at first, to accept these statements as truth, after all, most of us have been taught by our parents, teachers and other such authorities to think the way they do, whatever that may be. But I’m here to tell you that you have every right with full authority, by you and only you, to change the way you think, therefore changing what you choose to believe. More and more people are starting to realize that thinking positive thoughts is very beneficial, and asking for what you want is okay. And even though you may think that you have been asking for what you want to come to you, you may be sabotaging your desire inadvertently.

You may be thinking of something you want such as a new home. You are not really in a position to buy one according to what you have been observing in your life, so even though you have the desire you are also doubting that it will become a reality. You see, this causes a split in your energy and your indecision is blocking you from getting what you want. Now once you make the decision and you feel really good about it, now you’re going to see forward movement. You see, it’s not what you decide, it’s how you feel about the decision. Is this making sense to you? Actually words don’t really teach. Until you have had experiences where you have wanted something but weren’t getting anxious about it, sort of like waiting for Christmas morning, there’s no sense in getting all balled up wondering when it’s going to get here. It’s comes on the same day every year. So if we were to treat all our desires like that they could come much easier and much faster. I’m sure you could look back at a situation when something like that occurred. I’ll give you an example from my own life experience. My washing machine had broken down and I really didn’t have an extra $500.00 to buy a new one at the moment. So I was taking my laundry to the laundromat and spending a couple of hours there every week for a couple of months. One day while hauling a ton of dirty clothes to my car, I casually said, “I have been without a washer for too long, somebodies is going to give me one.” And I didn’t give it another thought. My daughter happened to be with me that day, and we were having fun in an odd sort of way, but you gotta’ make your own fun as far as I’m concerned. And as we were filling the 10 washers we needed, an old friend of mind called me on the phone. She asked what I was up to and I proceeded to tell her, as I was laughing about it, how we sort of took over the whole place. She said that that was why she was calling me. She had just received a large settlement from an insurance claim and she wanted to buy me a washer. I was very grateful to her, but as it was happening I knew it was me that attracted it. Things don’t come out of the blue, but they can come out of the oblivious. It is so important that you care about how you feel. Think about what you’re saying and how it makes you feel. Doesn’t it feel yucky when you think that you are bad or not worthy? That is because that is a total untruth. We are all good and worthy. When we feel those good feelings we are on cloud 9, soaring with the eagles. When we love ourselves we can do no wrong. And no decision can be wrong when we feel good going into it. When you do decide to do something, give it your full attention. But let it gestate and grow fully in your mind and wait for the feeling of the inspired idea before you take action.

This is about attitude. No, it’s about total attitude! When you have the attitude of joy and happiness things like that just keep showing up in your life. You know I gave you the example of the washing machine manifesting in a matter of minutes, but I also manifested buying a house the same way. It all started when my landlady called and said she wanted to sell the house I had been renting from her for the last three years at that point. I told her that it was cool and that I would start looking for a new place to rent. She kept apologizing but I wasn’t worried about anything. I just kept the attitude that everything is always working out for me, and I kept appreciating that we had been here for this time and how much I liked this house and that I was sure we would find something just like it, or better. But things were not turning out the way I thought they would, but still I knew something good was going to happen. As people were coming through the house I was living in for the showing I was telling all the potential buyers how lovely the neighborhood was and how great the front porch is for sitting and drinking coffee in the mornings. Finally they had a buyer and I still had not found a place to rent. But I was not worried. My family was a little worried but I just kept saying that everything is going to work out just right. One day while driving I saw a sign that said $1500.00 will get you into your own home. I took the number down and gave them a call. I got an appointment right away and found out that by myself I could only qualify for a loan of $120,000.00. Well that was not going to get me the home I wanted and deserved. So they asked me if one of my kids could buy it with me. I told them that my daughter had just started a new job so she didn’t qualify and my son just started a new job after going to college for 4 years. They said that if he is a graduate and if he has his diploma and transcripts and a letter from his new outstanding job that he could qualify for $250,000.00. So now we were seriously looking for a house buy, but as it turned out, together my son and I made a $1,000.00 too much to qualify for the $1,500.00 down payment program and now they wanted about $20,000.00 down and we didn’t have it. Believe it or not I did not wavier from my thought that we were going to buy a house that we really loved. So the man that was buying the house that I was living in came with the inspector to do the final inspection while they were waiting for escrow to close. I was very nice to them as they crawled up into the attic and looked in all my cupboards and checked every nook and cranny they could find. After they left I called the landlady to let her know they had done their job. And for some reason I said to her, “You know, my son and I are looking to buy a house now. Too bad we can’t buy this one.” I told her about the down payment issue we were having too. But not because I thought she could do anything about that. I really don’t know why I said it. But she said that they had signed a contract with the other people and that they would have to cancel on her. But I still didn’t stop my good feeling that something magnificent was happening.

Now here’s where it really starts getting good. That very night my landlady called and said that the couple that wanted the house had backed out. Again I was grateful but I knew that it was happening just the way it was supposed to happen. She also told me that she had talked to her realtor who had a very good loan officer she worked with and they said that if they raised the price of the house a little I could use that as part of the down payment. I would still need to come up with $10,000.00 but that was okay. I knew if I could manifest all that I had so far, that I could manifest the rest. So I asked for a 60 day escrow so that I could come up with the money. This just happened to be during the holiday season. We were scheduled to close escrow on December 27TH. Here it was Thanksgiving weekend and I still had not one dime toward the $10,000.00. My son was a little concerned because he didn’t understand how I was so calm about everything. I just kept reassuring him that everything was going in the right direction. The whole Thanksgiving weekend I thought about who I could ask to loan me the money and one person kept popping up in my mind. So on Monday morning I gave this person a call and explained the situation to him and without one iota of hesitation he said, I think that will work. And not only did he say yes he also said it was a gift. As I hung up the phone I broke out into the most joyous tears of relief. It was so delicious to hear those words come out of his mouth. So because I stayed true to my desire and did not put any doubt on my path I was a homeowner within 2 months.

So, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about staying in the attitude of joy and knowing that everything is always working out. That it is our right to be deserving and worthy. And we are the only ones that need to make ourselves happy. It is not anyone else’s job to make you happy. We are all responsible for our own feelings weather they are good or bad. So if I were you I would choose to feel good. Everything is a choice so make it and live it. And know that you are the creator of you and you can re-invent you anytime you choose to. Life is meant to be good and fun and joyous. You get one shot at this one so make it a good one. Be nicer to yourself and then watch how the right people start showing up around you that will enhance your happiness. It all starts on the inside. Love comes from within and then pours out onto the world and brings it back in miraculous ways. But that’s how life is supposed to be. So now that you know it, live it. You will find out that fun is the name of the game and winning is a givin’. Go forth from this day on and love yourself like you never did before. You’re going to dig it. And remember there is great love here for you as well.

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Until next time, your friend,

Deb Mertan

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Clarity is so liberating. Life is like a smorgasbord of things to choose from and when we feel unsure or out of sorts in some way it can feel very uncomfortable. As you may have noticed I have used the word “feel” a couple of times already and will be using it a lot more throughout this blog.When we are in between decisions we should give ourselves a little time to focus on each direction, even if there are several choices. We will know by the way we feel what is right for us at that moment. In reality there is no wrong direction. No matter which way we go it will all lead to the place we really want to be. One way just may take a little longer than another way. We must also realize that there is never just one way to do anything. And you may get to see and experience things you wouldn’t have if you took the other direction. But getting back to feeling, once you make a solid decision you feel better and ideas can flow more easily and you will be undergoing a very good journey. In actuality you are always on your right path but at times you may be going slower and other times you may be moving with the speed of light. Then again when we find ourselves dwelling on our miseries we may feel like we are swimming or paddling our boat upstream. It will seem very hard and not very enjoyable.

I want to tell you a little story about something that at that moment seemed like a disaster but turned out to be a pretty good day. One day I was driving down the freeway with my 7 year old daughter and my 3 year old son. As I was coming to the end of the off ramp there was a loud explosion. I had no idea what it could be. Suddenly black smoke was bellowing out from underneath my van so naturally I thought it was on fire. I jumped out and yelled at the kids to get out but they kept arguing about who should go first. I just reached in and pulled them out myself. Before I knew it there were about 4 firemen there with extinguishers that came from the fire station from across the street. It turned out that my transmission just blew a hole out the top and all the fluid came out causing the black smoke. I actually got back in the van and drove it to a gas station down the street where my brother-in-law was waiting for us. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot the van died completely. Of course we had to call a tow truck to come and take all of us to my favorite mechanic shop. From there we called a taxi cab to come and take us home. While in my mind I was thinking that this was a terrible day my little 3 year old son looked up at me and said, “We’re on an adventure, huh mom”. Suddenly things didn’t seem so bad and I said, “Yes we are son”. Because he showed me a whole new perspective and made me laugh, things instantly got better.

Our mindset needs to be adjusted just like the knob on the radio dial. We need to tune to the station that feels good to us. And sometimes we may feel that we are out of sync or even starting from scratch, but that is just the Universe saying, “Wake up you’re swimming upstream”. Once we switch back to the station that feels good then life will once again start to unfold in ways we never even imagined it could. Sometimes you will hear the most profound statements in movies too, like “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen. I love the scene where he is at the North Pole talking to Judy the elf, saying, “I see it but I don’t believe it”. She says that most adults forget because they grow out of the belief, but that kids just know, because seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. Or the movie “Halloween Town” with Debbie Reynolds. She is flying on her broom stick with her grand-daughter on the back and the grand-daughter asks her how magic works. She says something to the effect of, I just think of what I want and then I let myself have it. Whatever we focus on the most is what is going to manifest in our lives whether it is good or bad. So don’t you think it is better to focus on what you do want rather than the lack of it? There are always signs and most of it comes through our feelings. I know that it can seem a little weird or uncomfortable to change the way you have been feeling. But if you really think about it everything that is new to you was uncomfortable at first. When you first learned to ride a bike or drive a car or especially use a computer, it was weird and uncomfortable, right? But now it is so easy you don’t even have to think about it. That is exactly what happens when we start being more deliberate and more decisive. At first we have to consciously recognized that we are in that wobbly undecided mode,  then we can deliberately make a decision and try it out for a couple of days and see how it feels. The beauty in this is that if it doesn’t feel good we can always change the station and go in another direction. See, it’s a fail safe design.

Another thing that doesn’t feel good is when we are being judged, especially by ourselves, or judging others. That kind of thinking only holds us back or causes us to be going upstream again, which only delays the good stuff. When I find myself thinking in this manner I have to ask the question, “What would unconditional love do?” There is no judgment in unconditional, so if we just love we will see that that is the only way to truly bring joy into our own hearts. That joy will radiate out into the Universe and cause an avalanche of happiness to all that come in contact with you. Then you will be flowing down stream again until the next time something feels off.

Even though words can’t really teach, they can evoke feelings that help bring all your desires to fruition. And once you get a taste of the happiness and joy that comes with being true to yourself and making the decisions that turn you on and excite you to go forward, you can never go back. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like you thought it would, sometimes it turns out better. So enjoy the roller coaster ride and go with the flow, whatever that may be for you.

With all my Love,

Deb Mertan

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New Perspective



New Perspective

People these days are too preoccupied with the negative stuff happening all over the world right now. The news repeats everything over and over again until I want to slit my own throat, figuratively of course. I know that we need to know when bad things are happening, but I don’t understand why we have to hear about it relentlessly, until people start feeling scared to walk out of their own homes. And we can’t blame the media for putting it out there because by us watching it on CNN or whatever news channel you prefer, we are saying, “So give us more bad news, that’s what we want to hear about.”

Now, if you believe in the law of attraction, and I do, you have to see that by focusing on this bad stuff we are just getting more bad stuff. I know many of you may be thinking, “What can I do, I am only one person.” But if every “one person” stopped watching the news and reading newspapers it would send a big fat message to the media to change things up. There are plenty of good things happening in our world too. We need to give a majority of our attention to the good stuff and only glimpse at the bad stuff for comparison or reference. There should be only two times per day that you get updated on the bad news. Once in the morning and once in the early evening. That way you have time to shake it off before you go to sleep at night. Whatever we hear last is probably what our subconscious mind will dwell on while we sleep. And having the bad news only twice a day can give the media a chance to research what they are talking about and give true facts. Have you ever really listened to some of these reporters when they say things like, “I think  he may have meant this”, and then they give their false opinion on the subject. That sticks in people’s minds and then the rumors start to get around and everything goes haywire. We need real facts so that we can all make educated decisions on what we want to believe.

Another thing that the media could do is have a love moment every hour or so. What I mean by this is, they have so much power and access to the world that if they started a love moment and had everyone watching; close their eyes and send loving energy to the whole world, especially to our enemies, the vibe of the whole universe would change and we would see people getting along and truly loving one another.

The law of attraction says that what we focus on the most is what will come to us. Whether it’s good or bad we will bring it to ourselves, so why not make it good. Love attracts love, while hate and fear only attracts more hate and fear. How simple is that?

Science and religion are now starting to come together. God would not have let us know science if it wasn’t going to be useful. This is bringing a sense of new found spirituality to the world. People are seeing that by changing the way they think and speak it is causing a change in consciousness. Science has proven through quantum physics that our minds are very powerful and if we learn to use them more efficiently we will all live much happier and more fulfilling lives. Our part of this is to research everything ourselves and not just automatically believe everything we hear. People lie and distort the truth, but these days we have more information than ever right at our fingertips, through internet, books, You Tube videos, and numerous other places. There is no reason these days for rumors to get out of hand. Start watching videos on quantum physics and metaphysical quantum physics and you will be amazed at what you find. We are all energy and we are all connected. We can change the spirituality of the world if we all focus on the good. You have to say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest and forthright. Send fear packing and send love to everyone and everything every day. Get to know who you really are, and if you are not who you want to be then become the person you want to be. Individually we all need to do our part so that we can come together as one world. I have been becoming myself for quite some time now and I just love myself more and more as I learn about what I really want. My life has changed so drastically for the better that I just have to share it with all who are reading this blog. I would love nothing more than to see the world come together as one and end hunger and suffering and all wars once and for all. I hope that this message spreads like wild fire and we all start focusing on the good. Have a new perspective.

Love, Deb

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Be Intentional


It’s not for me to know why someone else does what they do. I can only take care of me and my journey in life. I just know that if we would all pay attention to the coincidences of our own journeys we would realize our true path and see that it’s okay to switch tracks to re-invent ourselves. This is what I’ve come to realize about my journey, I have learned to trust my gut feelings. These deep feelings are there for a reason. It is our higher selves or the Universe or God or whoever you feel is out there helping you, trying to communicate with us. There are always signs that go along with the feelings that can show you the way to go, but you need to really pay attention.  When I say be intentional. I mean to really know what it is you want in this life. Once you make it clear to your higher self etc. you will start attracting the things and people that will help you get there. It’s not always going to be the way you think it will be so you need to stay aware. For example I have always said that one day I was going to have a big house where lots of different people could come and stay and work on their own talents. But one day I realized that even though I don’t have the big house YET, I always have people living with me that eventually find their true path and then move on to a happier life. It is very easy to be on the wrong path if you are not awake. You’ll know when you are going astray. When you’re going back to the feelings, where you don’t feel secure or safe or perfect or good.

When I first started on my own new journey I was doing all the right things like my vision board, mantras, positive quotes, and thinking and talking differently. But I didn’t feel like it was all happening fast enough. What I came to realize was that I wasn’t feeling it deeply enough. I was feeling it but not down deep in my gut. Then one day a switch flipped in my head and I got it. I started seeing that everything that had happened up until now was happening by design, my design. I was calling everything into my life that I needed to help me learn the lessons I needed to learn to become the best me ever. It comes down to, seeing is not believing, but believing is seeing. So once we intend something, which is like asking for it, we must believe that it is ours already, and then stay alert and receive it when it comes with gratitude and joy. Another example of this in my life was when I had just gotten my washer fixed and my refrigerator was going bad, so I simply stated, as if it were already a fact, as if I had already received it, without a doubt that it was mine already, that the next thing I was going to get was a side by side refrigerator. 2 days later my roommate told me that his parents had just sold their rental house, that just happened to be very near to us, and they had a refrigerator there and we could have it if we wanted it. Of course I did. It was a white side by side and it was huge compared to my dinky frig. See, I never said the words, “buy” or “new”. I just said side by side refrigerator. But seriously being specific is very helpful. I also said one night that I wished someone would come to my door with a big bag of candy and they did, but it was hard candy and I really wanted chocolate. I should have been more specific. It is the attitude and conviction that you ask for things which brings it faster and faster. And the more you see the results and believe that it is because you intended it, and for no other reason, the quicker it will manifest for you.

Now besides being intentional you must also fill yourself with love, and I mean true love which starts from within and radiates out to the Universe, to everyone and everything, and this includes our enemies. It is especially important to send love to enemies because when we hate it, just gets bigger. When we love it does the same thing, it gets bigger.

I am sure that there are some people that think there is only one way to get into heaven, but I think that there are many ways to do everything so why not heaven. When we over flow ourselves with love it has to go out and effect everyone else and then come back to us full force. Just think if everyone on earth did this, we would make living on earth as close to heaven as we could get before actually getting there. And feeling this good could only mean one thing and that is that you have to be on your right path. This is when we feel most alive and free of worry, hate, regret, negative thinking and speaking, and anything else that makes us feel bad and ugly inside.

The way I see it is that the Universe is this giant machine that runs perfectly managed by God, who has purposefully put us here on this earth to love one another. If we can do this we will be able to find the inner peace that we all seek. I know there are people that do bad things but I feel that it comes from a lack of love, and knowledge. People need to be educated about this and shown by example, as Martin Luther King Jr. showed. Even though he knew that there were people that didn’t agree with him, he still kept going. The same can be said for Jesus I suppose. He was kind and loved everyone and everything even though he knew that the rulers of the day wanted to destroy everything he stood for. But he stayed true to his self and everyone else no matter what the consequences might be. The people that do the bad things are throwing a wrench into the works so to speak. But this can be stopped if all the good people start sharing their love with the Universe to spread it far and wide and to bring the harmony that we all want and need.

I feel that if we all intend for love to rule the world then it will. We need to create love circles like prayer chains. Like hands across America did only all the time not just once. That is my wish, to intentionally create a love filled Universe, so that we can all be on our right path and just be happy and filled with joy at all times. But it all starts on the inside of each and every one of us. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and look yourself in the eye in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you. It is a good place to start.

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With all my love, Deb Mertan