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Finding the Source

   You know, I have written many, many blogs and they all point to one thing, and that is to find ways to keep yourself happy. You can’t depend on anyone or anything to be a continuous source of happiness. It’s up to each and every one of us to make our own happiness. I’m not […]

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Introducing- My Guidebook to Self-Love

    I wrote my guide book “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life” . I run a house cleaning business for over 30 years now. I fell into a depressed and worried mood that was affecting my two children. So I started changing my life with positive affirmations. Then came loving myself and  found even strangers were […]

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Do Unto Others

  Many people’s lives have changed with my exciting step by step book, “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life” at   Have you ever thought about how other people treat you and why? Like when you are in a bad mood you seem to run into other bad mooders. (I just made that word up, […]

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Take What You Want and Leave the Rest

    In this day and age information is rampant. I mean that if you want to know about any subject, all you have to do is ask Google and 50 thousand ideas will pop up for you to explore. It can be overwhelming. And there are a lot of different opinions about every subject. […]

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How My Book Came About… “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life”

Many people’s lives have changed with my exciting step by step book, “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life” at You can also listen to this in audio: in place of reading: I’m almost certain that there is a book in all of us. I was just one of the fortunate ones that let it flow […]

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Tell a New Story

 This blog is also in audio for your listening pleasure:   I feel that most people believe that they have to live the life they have been dealt. Maybe they grew up poor and always heard things like, “Life is hard”, or “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. So they go through life not expecting […]

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What to Expect When You Love You

   Self-love is at the basis of being your authentic self. But for most of us it has been taken away at an early age by people trying to guide us by what they were told and by what they lived. People like parents and teachers and even government who want us to please them. […]

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God is Colorless

Do you know why I call my web site “Love Equals Love”? It’s because I want to convey the message that what you put out will surely come back to you. And most of the time it’s a lot better than you could have imagined. Life is supposed to be good and when it isn’t […]

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Who Are You?

There will be no struggle, life will flow like a leaf on the river. Just bobbing and swaying with the current. Twisting and turning and bringing you everything you ask for in odd and funny ways.