cropped-61lkavd3zxl-_sx750_sy470_1.jpg This blogging is about sharing how my life made the biggest turn around from being depressed, broke, evicted and without a home to having strangers drawn to my new found joy, experiencing miracles of finance and breakthroughs that changed my life and heart to prove to me that what I am sharing here is true and for everyone.

I am Deb Mertan:  an author, cook, business woman, comedian (amateur), a mother of two beautiful and talented children and a widow. I have written a book: “Choose a Powerfully Positive Life”. I am not trying to sell my book, I am selling the fact that you too can have  a successful meaningful life and breakthrough from the guidelines I used.

Please enjoy my blogs from life experience and inspiration and my recipes.. Seminars will be accessible on video here and on my Facebook Page/Group-Love Equals Love and if you are in the area we would love to hear from you.