Love’s Inspirational Forum

My life has changed significantly since following “The Secret” and Now Abraham Hicks and many other inspirational positive conscientious examples for my life. When I first started to put into practice “Mantras of positive affirmations”. Wherever I went, I had strangers  drawn to me and they were smiling. I am smiling, I’m content and so in control of my destiny by falling in love with me.  So many people’s lives have changed with my guidebook, (Here is the link to get your copy)”Choose a Powerfully Positive Life.” Now this audience of followers has asked me if we could get together for a workshop.

We have just added a Meet Up group at :


So below you will find a video of just that our first of many to come, “Love’s Inspirational Forum”.

Please watch for more in depth discoveries of who you are and the path of joy you’re really on.


There is great love here for you.

Your friend,


Deb Mertan